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Membership contains invalid information will be cancelled by Cash Casino and activities done by this account will not be accepted.

Privacy and security of the password and account details are in the responsibility of the member.

If customer worries about the privacy of the password on details, he/she shall contact to Cash Casino.

Each customer can hold only one account. If it is inspected that member holds more than one account or benefits from various promotions, his/her all accounts will be closed and balance will be transferred to Cash Casino.

Cash Casino has technology to inspect members who tries to cheat at the table. Person who are inspected that he tries to cheat will face with account closure.

Without making any declaration or explanation, Cash Casino has right to close the members account and pay the balance to the member.

But if those actions are made to cheat or defraud another member or the company, members earns will be countered as invalid.

Customers playing games in Cash Casino do not face with taxation requirements, all the financial processes are done in privacy.

In any case, Cash Casino are not responsible of any lose at the website or web site related consequences.

Situations below are included to the rule:

Delays or problems during the transactions or processes, communication line disconnection, members using the web site and misuse, errors or missing information in the website.

Cash Casino has right to change, cancel or update the rules without any informing in advance.

All the rules mentioned are fully reserved by Cash Casino.

Rules are managed upon the English law. English courts are the responsible institution for the conflicts caused by the rules.

Cash Casino do not request any fee for the membership. Therefore, even if you do not use our website for long time, your account will be kept open.

To be able to bet at the tables, members should give right information about their identity card details.

Members deposit with the credit card or EFT shall enter identity card number properly, ocne it has been entered wrong or missing information, they can not bet at the tables.

Deposited money are secured in the account of the member. But, betting will not be allowed until the verification of the citizenship/identity number.